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His name was Christopher Chambers, but his friends or family members may call him Chris. Should I call him?

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I remembered when my friends and I were 12yrs old, we all went out to try and find Ray Brower's body. After that, Oliver left behind acting to focus on other pursuits—like his graphic novel Rollin Bluestone —and producing independent films like Revolution Starts Nowa short about political protests in Portland, Oregon.

He died on October 31st,at just 23 years old. As I got the newspapers, I quickly went into the house and shut the door.

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I'm just going to use the age he died from the book and the way he died in the movie When I read it my heart had nearly stopped. He was my best friend. After Stand by Me, Oliver continued to act, appearing in a handful of small movie and television roles between and Denny was killed in a Jeep accident, and Gordie's parents still haven't stopped grieving the loss of their eldest son, which leaves Gordie feeling like a ghost in his own home.

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Where Are They Now: The Cast of ‘Stand By Me’ 25 Years Later

Up next for Cusack is a starring role in the sci-fi film Singularity and an appearance in the horror movie Blood Money. After his tale ends, we learn through his epilogue what happened to the rest of the boys after they parted ways that weekend: He's continued acting, appearing in dozens of films and television shows over the years, including Flubber, The Guild, and in a recurring role as himself on the hit series The Big Bang Theory.

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Vern told his friends, which led the group on their adventure to find Brower's body. Following a final role in as a hacker in the Mark Wahlberg thriller Fear, Riley gave up acting; Since then, he's led a fairly bohemian lifestyle— living off his residual checks and becoming a frequent call-in guest on the Adventure Club Podcast.

Man, I can't believe Chris is really dead. When he learns that Billy Tessio and Charlie Hogan know the location of the body of a missing boy, he decides they'll go recover it to become heroes—putting himself and his gang in direct conflict with Gordie and the younger boys.