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She then sees Ash running with Pikachu in his arms and so she stops him, thinking he was stealing the Pikachu.

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Much later it is found out that Pikachu itself is an evolved form, descending from Pichu. Question by author pokesyd.

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Tell them to man up and stand back up already. Yell out to the people ahead that the thief has taken your wallet, hoping they capture it back for you.

You didn't have a wallet.

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Take it to the nearest hospital as soon as possible, and stay with it to make sure it recovers well. Who does she see running with a wounded Pikachu in his arms?

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Nurse it back to health yourself, and taking care of it until it becomes strong again, letting it go back on it's way after it has recovered. Question by author paa2isback.

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Pikachu can evolve into Raichu but Ash's Pikachu stubbornly refuses to undergo the change and the relationship between the two of them is stronger for it. Scare the hell out of them moments later with a quickly conjured up plan, making sure they never try to take something from you again.

It's good to watch there matches to see how they train and battle with there pokemon, but I don't tend to be involed in the actual combat.

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In the "Pokemon mystery dungeon" series, Sableye is one of the bad Pokemon.