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In and around Dhanmondi Lake some renovation works were carried out from to with a view to making the lake a pollution free recreation zone.

Several local and international fast food chains in the country have outlets in Dhanmondi. So water level in the lake remains almost the same in all seasons.

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Dhanmondi residential area was developed in with It also shows some trellis pattern together with the dendritic pattern of drainage system. History[ edit ] Its origins can be traced back to thebeginning as a residential area for the city, and over the decades evolving into a miniature city, with hospitals to malls, schools, banks, offices and universities.

Snack stalls along the lakeside, particularly on Road 2 opposite the entrance to Bangladesh RiflesRoad 5 on an island accessible only by foot bridges from two sidesRoad 8 near the amphitheater and Road 32 opposite the residence of Sheikh Mujibir Rahmanoffer a variety of snacks and beverages, aimed at city dwellers during the day.

Travel Leisure and Entertainment at Dhanmondi Lake Located in the middle of Dhaka citywithin the prosperous Dhanmondi residential area, Dhanmondi Lake is a popular tourist attraction, with lush green vegetation, a lakeside walkway and benches for visitors to sit and relax on.

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Restaurants[ edit ] There are restaurants and cafes all over the locality. The lake is under the management of several authorities looking after its various aspects. The lakeside walkway at Dhanmondi Lake is overlooked by the Rabindra Sharabar, an open-air amphitheater near the Road 8 bridge, where dramas, concerts, and various cultural programs are held from time to time by both amateur and professional artistes, especially during major festivals and holidays.

The open-air amphitheater, Rabindra-Sarobar, is also located on the banks of Dhanmondi Lake and is the venue for concerts, dramas, theater performances and a variety of cultural programs, festivals and holiday celebrations.

There is one box culvert in the lake near Sukrabad area, which is the only outlet of the lake. The lake offers attractive panoramic views to many thousands of people who live in the vicinity.

Most restaurants draw in younger crowds.

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At these times, crowds flock to Dhanmondi and the atmosphere is very festive in this vibrant neighborhood of Dhaka City.