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However, DigiCert does plan to cross-sign certain roots with the older Symantec roots to provide a wide ubiquity, and support customers with pinned roots or custom applications.

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D flakes at the slightest misstep. In addition, you can contact your account manager to discuss any new orders or renewals.

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Any seal issued by Symantec will remain valid after closing. Yes, but some links may change in the near future.

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Here at PDA, everyone is welcome. For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. Customers impacted by this distrust will receive notification and remediation steps from DigiCert following the close.

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Website tool addresses and credentials will remain the same immediately after the close and for the foreseeable future. We recognize the terms of your Master Agreement may apply to both lines of business. While as men, we have to perform.

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Per the Google and Mozilla plan, the browsers plan to gradually distrust all existing Symantec roots over the next year.