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Wendimon attacks and Terriermon evolves to defend Wallace once more.

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Agumon Level 40 3. Just as the situation turns really bad, Hikari and Takeru arrive to help with Angemon and Angewomon.

Can Heal All Status Ailments. Mega Level Android Digimon. Cherubimon dissolves, turning everything into a dark void.

Sharp Claws, Strong Fire Breath.

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Can Heal And Ward Evil. Mega Digimon With Sword Techs.

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MetalMamemon Myotismon Paildramon -Lv. Hikari senses Wendimon's presence and she and Takeru go to investigate, hoping to find a link to Mimi's disappearance. At the same time Mimi's digivice beeps and she, along with all the other original Chosen Children, mysteriously vanish into thin air.

Terriermon and V-mon both evolve again into Rapidmon and Magnamon.

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Ether Jungle 6. Dum Dum Factory-West Sector 4. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

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Cherubimonnow healed, fades away. High Potential Mega Digimon. Can Learn Support Techniques.