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Digital optical cable hook up, recommended

Share on Facebook The Bose Companion 5 is a three-piece speaker system designed primarily for use with desktop computers and laptops. The best explanation yet. The simple cable connection to a computer's USB port lets you set up the Bose Companion in a few minutes.

In this video all of our products were made by Samsung so results may vary slightly based on the brands you're using. Step Connect the optical cable from the port on the adapter box to a digital optical audio jack on the rear of your surround sound receiver, or other compatible device with an optical jack.

Thanks - one side of the optical cable was not in all the way.

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Shop for a soundbar at Abt: However, if you want to hook up the speaker system to a device that does not have a USB port, such as your home theater receiver, you'll need an audio adapter that converts the USB cable into an optical audio jack for connecting a fiber-optic digital cable.

I tried ALL them at th same time and n sound. Take the plastic tip off. What could cause this? This got me there with no frustration. Dolby and DTS sounds louder.

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So from your video here, all I need to use is the Optical. And now literally 1 minute later it just works again. Plug in the other end to a wall outlet. I have no idea how to fix this shit Worked fine for a day. These are available online and at electronics stores. Connect the USB cable supplied with the Bose Companion 5 from the output on the rear of the Bose subwoofer, which is the largest of the three speaker components in this system, to the matching port on the "USB to optical" audio adaptor box.