DIRECTV Genie TV Commercial, 'TV Land: Connect It to the Internet' - DIRECTV Genie TV Commercial, 'TV Land: Connect It to the Internet' -

Directv genie internet hookup, premium entertainment for all

This is about hours of recorded programming. Very friendly, helpful, and super excited about the product she was selling, as well as being an employee.

The included remote isn't the only method for controlling the DirecTV experience. Another option is to sort by category, which includes genre. If you want to schedule a series recording with a non-default setting, you can hit info and then choose series instead.

This doesn't mean there isn't plenty of TV available to watch anywhere, but you don't have the same exact selection that you have at home.

Our favorite thing about the guide is the way DirecTV handles channel numbers, specifically HD channels.

Anytime you're treated well as an employee it flows over and makes it even easier to promote whatever it is you're selling. While most users will only attach a standard two-prong power connector, HDMI and a coax running to the satellite, there are a number of other connectors out back.

She got me the best possible deal and was honest and knowledgeable! The lights are pretty bright out of the box, but all -- except for the record indicator LED -- can be dimmed or disabled by pressing both the right and left direction buttons on the box.

DISH Hopper vs. DIRECTV Genie

The other notable setting in today's day and age is power save mode, which turns the HR34 off after four hours of inactivity. If you search for a keyword that either doesn't return any results, or returns more than one show, you have the option to create a keyword series recording to automatically record any future show with that keyword -- there is the option to filter those results by category, so just movies with the word "Eastwood," for example.

Our only minor complaint is that it should be easier to quickly see the next eight shows that will be airing next on a certain channel. Unlike the phone app, the tablet app is only available for iPad -- we reached out to a DirecTV representative regarding a timeline for release on other platforms, but have yet to hear back.

Up top is a format button for easily controlling how the box outputs standard-definition video on an HDTV, as well as a TV input button that lets you tune the TV to the correct input for DirecTV without searching for another remote. The Hopper allows sports fans to follow every score for all games.

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There are also apps for Pandora and YouTube, which are becoming pretty ubiquitous on TVs, Blu-ray players and devices like the Roku box.