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Disney has worked to change that image with characters such as Pocahontas and Tiana. If your request does not concern any of the above categories, you can visit the information section " FAQ ".

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And Inside Edition released a video form of an employee trying to get an alligator to move along very close to where guest were riding Splash Mountain.

While the disabled person was paid well by the family, Disney felt that there had to be change to the program. If necessary, you may also contact us on: Hopefully this signals a new era of Disney film. At this point the ride is such a classic that there would likely be riots if they tried to change it.

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Splash Mountain, at Walt Disney World, which is themed from the movie, remains one of the most beloved and popular rides in the Magic Kingdom. It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.

It has not been released on home video.

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Anecdotal guest stories of seeing others feeding gators around the lagoon where the boy was snatched are surfacing on the internet. In attempting to maintain a fair position for all, this is the unfortunate stance we must hold.

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