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Durfte kennen lernen chatten dating, meaning of "kennen"

Exercise 1

Well, it was great to meet you. For the others a real chance to find the great love. He suggested that perhaps I get to know you But what happens when the movie is over, when he really gets to know her, huh?

I think it's only fair if I get to know you a little better.

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Aber dann habe ich sie kennengelernt. But, you know, uh, I-I'm glad it worked out the way it did because I got to know this wonderful person. Wait till he gets to know you better. Ich glaube, es ist nur fair, wenn ich dich etwas besser kennenlerne.

Falls er mich nie kennen lernen sollte With the last journey home, I got to know a girl. Leute, die wir nie kennen werden, If you don't know what a word means do not use it. Du solltest bald vorbeikommen, damit du uns mal kennenlernst. Try to write accurately.

Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Other translations Ich denke, ich werde bald den kleinen Aro sehen, den wir nie kennen lernen durften.

Aber was passiert, wenn der Film vorbei ist und er sie wirklich kennenlernt?