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However the panel still gave their final words of advice for any expats thinking about embarking on that extremely tricky journey known as dating. For example, I had to contact her email, phone call a minimum of three times every day, not with any urgent news but just to keep her happy.

But a good place to actually meet one for romantic purposes, like anywhere else, is through the nightlife scene, or through friends.

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Perhaps all these sound familiar. Once he found out I was from the States, he immediately began speaking English, overjoyed that he now knew someone to help him with it.

Be prepared to spend too much time with the family.

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Usually a text message, according to our expat panel. Still, I liked that.

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If you had a good night out in a club, you can use liarse. But he got on messenger and we started talking. So that made it clear he was interested romantically. He taught at the centre where my students were teaching.

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In Spain, I felt like it was separate but equal though I guess some people would say there is no such thing. I saw him from across the room and thought he was really cute.

But being a foreigner can make the dating process even more difficult.