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After the creation of this series and it's presumed demise, Blackery began to create comedy vlogs, inspired by her YouTube inspiration Shane Dawsonin December The most popular of those videos left on her channel is " My Very First Dating Rap Video ", which currently has overviews.

This channel consists almost solely of music videos. She is releasing an album, Villians, on August 31, She had a hamster named Sally, who died in January Her fith EP, Magnetised, was released on May 26 Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled.

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Every subscription supports the running of our service. Emma continued to use this channel until a year after the creation of her current main channel. In that same video, Blackery also set the goal of reachingsubscribers on her second channel boxesoffoxes. Boy Talk which features Blackery's now ex-boyfriend LukeIsNotSexyHair Growth which Blackery talks about a few products she's been using to grow her hair back after shaving it for a charity eventand LBTL which Blackery 'Lives Below the Line' for five days off of five pounds to raise awareness for poverty.

By JanuaryBlackery's channel had reached 30, subscribers and began to grow at over 1, subscribers per day. Happy to see ads on our site?