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Just like planes, marine engines need regular maintenance to prevent premature wear and system failure. Also the encapsulate epoxy case is water resistant and shock proof.

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That switch turned the hour meter on and meant that the meter was counting hours that the motor was running and no accidental ignition left on time. Solid state electronics, modern LCD, superb environmental durability and enhanced functionality offer the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation or budget.

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That is not saying there is no leeway on how long parts last since there are so many contributing factors like the environment the engine is used in and how it is used. Hope you enjoyed the show. While it is not suitable for measuring velocity in a turbulent flow, it determines the velocity profile by measuring the difference between total, static and dynamic pressure.

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When you think about it hour meters are essential for tracking service and life-cycle of parts and what good is a meter which tells you the engine has logged let's say hours and perhaps only half of them are at speed under a real load?

Since the ignition can be on without the engine running to power accessories or while servicing, this type of installation will sometimes give a false count of actual engine run time.

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The Arduino can accept up to 5v on a analog input. Installation is easy without needing to install a wire.

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The 15 msec operate and release times for the RB3 relay are not particularly fast, but the driving digital circuitry is designed to compensate for this. A buyer should never rely on the hour counter display.

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It's always best to consult with a professional before relying on an hour meter when making large equipment purchases. This page was last edited on 26 Marchat In underwater acousticshour meter hook up locate an object hour meter hook up, sonar uses two knowns:.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to evaluating and checking a used PWC.

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Always be sure you are getting the whole picture when evaluating used equipment by inspecting all systems for signs of wear that might be more extensive than typical of what the hour meter is reading.