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Error validating access token facebook ios, getting info about tokens and debugging

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Any idea about this? I took Microsoft's suggestion and decided to update my Windows 7 installation, But when I got up in the morning to check how the update went, all I had on screen was a text message that there had been an unauthorized access to firmware and that the boot-sector on the RAID 5 array could no longer be located.

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Channel may be configured incorrectly. I need to go through the set up documentation again webdevtim. Unless you have persisted the expiry time passed to your App along with the access token, your app may only learn that a given token has become invalid is when you attempt to make a request to the API.

Then I failed when I try to generate an access token.

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While trying to reproduce this bug using their sample app Scrumptious, I found that it allows you to successfully re-authorize if you are using openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions. Error validating verification code.

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Error validating access token Sep For more information on codes and subcodes please see the error code reference doc. There was change in API in May 1, However, if you are asking for publish permissions via openActiveSessionWithPublishPermissions, it would be stuck in com.

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