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Esfj male dating profiles, live long enough and everyone makes mistakes...

Dating an ESFJ personality type

Highlight to view At least as tough as an Olympian. They might still get to the time where they value it: ESFJs have specific needs for their relationships, and certain personality types are best able to meet those needs.

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At the same time they are also quick to take any criticism of their behavior close to heart and get quite upset, especially if it is from someone close to them. He doesn't like how much I put my heart into my work and the great deal of care I have for my clients.

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Problems arise when they expect their partners to live by the structured, orderly way of life that they do and the strict moral code that they follow. Being an ESFJ,i can adjust to any extreme,learning to lighten up things and create harmony in house. I saw your message regarding Rocky.


Be patient The result of the two aspects of Feeling and Judging in their personality type creates a curious tendency among ESFJs where they live by strict principles and values on one hand but are rather emotional and sentimental on the other. The first step to resolve this and to start developing the dual relationship is to assess which function that type is closed off from.

It can be difficult for them however, when it comes to how they make their decisions.

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They instantly assume that they would be more common or easy to spot, simply because of the statistics. The ESFJ male will often analyze the situation and will understand the most logical solutions, but will prefer to focus on the emotional affects it will have on others.