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False eyelashes

For this effect you will need two different eyeliners: Contrary to common knowledge, Asian eye shapes come in not 2, but 6 types Asian eyes anatomy source: Read more about it here!: Now, I use my fingers. Loved by celebrities and celebrity makeup artists, they are the softest eyelashes on the market that mimic natural human eyelashes.

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If you ensure you have the skills to apply false lashes, try a more expensive option: For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: The need to use eyelid glue.

This is going to be super helpful especially for beginners out there because Apply the darker shades on the natural indents of your face. DamnNearRoyalty was, in fact, originally developed with hooded and Asian eyes in mind!

Double eyelid crease, infold type: Typically, Asian eyes are relatively small in size, and with the monolid or a hooded variation of the eye shape, selecting the right style comes down to proportions.