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This has the added effect of manifesting the Demon. Edit The story by Roberta Williamssomewhat similar to that of The Shiningrevolves around paperback writer Adrienne Delaney, who has together with her husband Donald Gordon just bought a remote, enormous mansion previously owned by a famous magician in the late 19th century, Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch.

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Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! The game starts him out as an all-around good guy to Adrienne, but as they continue to stay inside the house, the demonic possession made him unlike himself and commit heinous acts, going so far as to rape and unsuccessfully kill his own wife!

In a later chapter, a vision implies that Victoria's body was stashed in said cask. Don walks in on Adrienne in the bathroom and starts making loving advances on her, which eventually leads to him pinning her in the corner of the room and violently forcing himself on her.

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In the Japan-only Sega Saturn port, the whole scene is cut, skipping to Adrienne sitting in bed, sobbing. An optional way to get into the mansion's attic. She meets Harriet, a homeless superstitious woman taking refuge in her barn along with her mentally challenged son. Soon she receives ominous messages from a fortune teller machine in the manor, as well as occasionally hearing strange music.

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The coastal town of Nipawomsett, where you'll probably spend one quarter of the entire game. Before, Adrienne didn't find Don's behavior especially weird. The bodies of Mike, Harriet, and Cyrus can be stumbled upon during the chase scene in the final chapter.

Renamed Phantasm, it featured eight CDs and was fully translated and dubbed into Japanese. Citation needed Reviews from the major editorials of the time were positive Template: It's up there with the Manhunter series as one of Sierra's most goriest games ever.

Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: