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The boats are here for any inspection.

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It has the famous Bermuda rig. Far East Boats is not just the only world-famous sailboat brand from China but also the pioneer enterprise in diversifying a sailboat brand.

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On the first sail the boats both leaked into the buoyancy tanks and one of the boats was of very bad quality. The Fareast 28R offers great value for money. Easy to sail, handle and manage: You can save thousands a year compared to running a bigger yacht.

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The company welcomed 14 fleets from all over the country and hosted an audience of 20, The International maintains a large multinational class association. Collaborate with European famous boat design office Simonis Voogd, Far East has launched several keelboats, which also won the domestic market.

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Low costs for the berth? Eventually they decided to give me another hull Free of Charge. The 28R is also an ideal boat for hardstand storage, it has a single lifting point on the keel fin and the bulb takes up the boat in the hoist saving the always loved keel lifting workout which is not too bad by the way Construction and hardware: We are building a new Class in Cyprus and already ordered first 3 boats to Limassol.