DIN by Din Tai Fung – Spreading the culinary joy of a Taiwanese legacy DIN by Din Tai Fung – Spreading the culinary joy of a Taiwanese legacy

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I can give thee millions of vessels And hosts; thou, bear thy breath O'er all the lands, o'er all the oceans: I'm the scourge that your gods sent to punish your people.

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Your men pulled it out of O'Malley ground. I shall love him for ever and For ever he'll rove far.

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And ev'ry night his stormy flames More stormily renew When in the shadow of the castle She shows to his bright view. A young Voivode he seems to be With soft and golden hair; A blue shroud binds in a knot on His naked shoulder fair. O hear my prayer, O my Lord, for Thou gives life and death too.

The most important aspects of restaurant service are friendliness and flexibility. In sleep she would remember him And, as before, her whole Wish for the Master of the waves Is clinching now her soul.

Soon they shall have lost our trace and Forgot even our name! From the eternal yesterday Drinks what to-day will drain And if a sun dies on the sky A sun quickens again. At Din by Din Tai Fung, your taste buds will be awakened to exquisite Taiwanese cuisine, now pork-free.

Din Tai Fung

And so that thou have about love A knowledge true and plain, When I stoop to kiss thee, thou must Kiss me too and again. Thou art of the prime form and an Eternal prodigy. Now the moon rises quietly And shaking from the waves, And upon the paths of the groves Her sparkles again drone Suggest an example Results: And from the mirror on her shape A beam has spread and burns, On her big eyes that beat though closed And on her face that turns.

Take back my endlessness, the fires That my being devour And in return give me a chance To love but for an hour!