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Bashing or shaming will not be tolerated. Once I understood this as fact, I decided to help other women who have also suffered. As I've gotten older, this has become much easier to do because I don't want to spend my time feeling bad about my yesterdays when I didn't have much control instead of enjoying my todays when I have all the control.

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Most notably, girls who are close to their dads are less likely to get pregnant as teens. I began treating myself in a loving way by exercising, gardening, reading, walking in the woods, and spending time with family.

You have somewhat unrealistic expectations in your romantic relationships. It had never been about me For not protecting you when you needed it the most, For not teaching you the foundation of self love and respect, For not being present to celebrate your victories, And wipe your tears every time you failed.

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I did so much to sabotage my life and make myself miserable. Because I never got that from my dad, I convinced myself it was because I wasn't cute enough. It had always been about him—his unhappy childhood, his cold mother, his negative nature, and his dissatisfaction with being a husband and father.

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Once you do choose to love, you love fiercely. I was an advocate for fathers who chose to assert their rights for visitation.

Others do the opposite—jumping into love relationships that aren't good for them and ultimately lead to heartbreak. These were all self-protective measures so I wouldn't experience rejection like I did with my dad.

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If they don't deal with the cause of their sadness—an absent dad—they may never be able to develop healthy relationships with men. They wait longer to get married and to have children.

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