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Fbl rotorkopf t-rex 600 how to hook up ar7000 receiver, share with us

With a second radial bearing installed within the stock Align metal tail grips, the side load is removed from the thrust bearing. Sliding battery tray rails imbedded into 3K Side frame.

Top mounted motor base and imbedded servo mounts. Customer Reviews There are currently no product reviews. Support parameter setting through PC interface, as well as firmware updates.

New sized programmable head assembly with 3 sets of positive and negative deltas, numerous Bell and Hiller mixing ratios available, along with various flybar ratio settings.

Because the M3 bolt acts as an extension of the tail hub, this allows the second radial bearing to dissipate the side load otherwise exerted on the thrust bearing. Brand new tail gear box, with aesthetically pleasing material and improved maintenance.

Unique H cross section shaped electronic mounting platform for easy electronic mounting and protection.

T-REX 600E PRO/DFC/L Parts

This results in smooth pitch control with no binding and higher gyro gain. Additional radial bearing is added to the top of the main gear hub to ensure stable rotation, and eliminate jamming of one way bearing.

By covering the receiver antenna's with heat shrink, additional support has been added to prevent damaging the internal copper wires.

Focus Shots The high-end Microbeast PLUS 6-axis gyro with bit high-speed processor is much precise and superior in programming and computing allow for significant handling performance and delicate response. Specification GP Head lock gyro combo: Highly efficient lightened engine cooling fan, reducing engine load and improving cooling efficiency.

Suitable for all to size glow engine or electric helicopters, with higher vibration resistance than any other systems. CNC machined aluminum pieces including servo mount. The feel as if a turbo charger was added to the helicopter, with dramatic increase of motor torque output, and near bulletproof governing speed of the rotor, while maintaining power consistency throughout the entire flight duration.

Increased headspeed for aggressive 3D can be achieved with the Mikado 13T pinion, at the cost of flight time.