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Our main coaches are Vlad Zhovnirski and Nina Mozer, but everybody helps. We have worked with more experts in a short period of time already than in our whole lives so far.

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What are your next plans? Everything was new for us, we skated a lot, we were on the ice until midnight, this was different for us. How do you feel in general now about our coaching change? You have moved from St. The program is half ready. They also debuted on the senior GP circuit, finishing 5th at Skate America.

Interview August in Moscow Q: Max helps us a lot and put together half of our footwork. Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for the season!


It was the right foot and it happened in between two training camps. We danced, we went to the Broadway, Oksana Grishuk worked with us, we did the new program, we met a new off-ice coach.

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Ask something easier, please. What can you say about your new short program?

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Fedia learned to use his hips for the Flamenco. How did you recover from your injury?