10 Reasons Why A Female-Led Relationship Is Amazing 10 Reasons Why A Female-Led Relationship Is Amazing

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There is no reason to fake your happiness any longer. While it looks to be degrading to the man from the outside, there are men who just enjoy being treated this way.

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Abusive Relationship In the extreme level of FLR it has been seen that woman start abusing the men physically, emotionally and mentally. When the kids came along, we shared the work pretty equally.

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There are also men out there that enjoy bending to the every whim of the woman in their life. One aspect is personal and another one is professional. They like all the attention and services of their male counterparts without being guilty conscious.

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But if yours does, all the more power to you. During the pregnancy of course and first months I did more and took some time off, but afterward he was the one with more flexible schedule.

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She does not want to force him to listen, though at times of training or during the introduction of new protocols it may be necessary. For a visual perspective you can imagine a man being governed with a whip by a woman.

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By Femdom Curator 1 Comment What does female training of the male to serve as her slave entail? For example, in such relationships, man is the one taking care of the household whereas woman is the one going out to work.

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They are the best type of female led relationship which let the women decide things without even suppressing their male counterparts.