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Flirt nandina domestica firepower, key points

The firepower see photos has required little care besides pruning of offshoots and berries, some loose restraint mostly for wind control wide rings and spirals attached to stakestwice-weekly watering, and about bimonthly light feeding.

Specific epithet means domesticated. Water the plants early in the day so they have a chance to dry.

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Nice little evergreen shrub for warm climates. Some tolerance for full shade, but foliage often grows best in sun with some afternoon shade.

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The ideal is morning sun and afternoon shade, but this is a tough, tolerant plant that will grow happily with no direct light at all, or sit out in the full sun all day long. Mine was described and labeled Nandina fire power.

Nandina domestica 'FIREPOWER'

Identification and biology of non-native plants in Florida's natural areas. Its leaves are lime green during warmer months, turning brilliant red or burgundy as the weather becomes cooler.

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They have performed well in wet and dry soil conditions. Furthermore, it is considered pest free and does not require pruning.

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Uses 'Firepower' nandina is widely planted in masses as a shrubby groundcover. This plant requires little maintenance, but proper watering, fertilizing and pruning will ensure it develops plenty of foliage.

The wild plant has tiny white flowers which produce clusters of red berries, but in many parts of the USA these can into the wild, competing with native plants, so it is fortunate in many ways that the Firepower Sacred Bamboo does not produce seeds.

Use organic mulch and spread a 2-inch layer on the soil surrounding the plants. Can be used as an informal hedge in warm winter climates where it remains evergreen and does not die to the ground.