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I'm sure the manufacturers, however, would say they're aiming for the club sceneā€”for somethings who want something light and sweet and fruity and fun while listening to dance music and flirting.

Molasses, a sticky, sweet residue from sugar production, is widely used for inexpensive, mass-produced brands of Vodka. Vodka is produced from grain, potatoes, molasses, beets, and a variety of other plants.

Who are these products trying to attract? Potatoes are looked down bierstorfer online dating by Russian distillers, but are held in high esteem by some of their Polish counterparts.

History and Tradition [ Photograph: The first flavored vodkas weren't marketed products at all, but infusions made at home and in bars and taverns, in Russia, Poland, and other vodka-belt nations. We'll look at its history, some production methods, and a controversy or two.

To which craft bartenders these days like to say, "vodka pays the bills. Some flavored vodkas, though, do not draw their flavorings from actual fruits, vegetables, or spices. What do we make, then, of vodkas that taste of marshmallow, whipped creambubble gum, cake, fruit cereal, or cola? Modern Commercial Practices Commercial flavored vodkas are today made in a more industrial manner.

Hangar One, also in California, has a similar process.

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Rye and wheat are the classic grains for Vodka, with most of the best Russian Vodkas being made from wheat while in Poland they are mostly made from a rye mash.

American distillers use the full range of base ingredients, but most are made from the abundant supply of corn from the US heartland. It's easy to imagine flavors that exist in nature being infused into vodka.

Specifically, flavors may include pepper, ginger, cinnamon, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla, bison grass, black currant, cherry, apple, and lemon. Swedish and Baltic distillers are partial to wheat mashes. The orangey vodka is then redistilled, filtered, diluted, and bottled.

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