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Because I'd look at Ian's lyrics and think how clever he was putting himself in the position of someone else. Joy Division's burgeoning success drew a devoted following who were stereotyped as "intense young men dressed in grey overcoats". If we liked someone, they were in. You can read into them what you like.


Deborah Curtis, Ian's wife, stated that Morris "fitted perfectly" with the band, and that with his addition Warsaw became a "complete 'family'". The seizures left him feeling ashamed and depressed, and the band became increasingly worried about Curtis's condition.

Live at the Electric Circus which had been recorded live in October But everyone's got their own opinion. Sumner later said, "We didn't have flashing lights, but sometimes a particular drum beat would do something to him. Factory issued the Substance compilation inincluding several out-of-print singles.

Of course he was writing about himself. Curtis hated playing guitar, but the band insisted he do so. We all completely underestimated the danger. Stillfeaturing live tracks and rare recordings was issued in I'm more rhythm and chords, and Hooky was melody.

He'd go off in a trance for a bit, then he'd lose it and have an epileptic fit. I think that when we stop doing that, I think, well, that will be time to pack it in.

He was also anxious about how American audiences would react to his epilepsy. Hannett believed punk rock was sonically conservative because of its refusal to use studio technology to create sonic space.

Made it sound like someone strangling a cat and, to my mind, absolutely killed the song.