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La Famille Belier is a very charming feel-good movie full of funny and sincerely touching moments. There are many subplots that weren't developed and should've been left out, but I think they were included mostly for comedic purposes and to take away our attention from the main theme of the film.

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Take for instance the moment where Rodolphe decides that he is going to run for mayor. She also has a smaller brother named Quentin Luca Gelberg with the same disabilities.

I was entertained from the very beginning and enjoyed the entire film despite its flaws. Was this review helpful?

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This puts Paula in a very difficult position because she knows how much she is needed by her family, but she also realizes that this a great opportunity for her to do what she loves. There are a few funny moments but the film doesn't go anywhere with that.

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You know how they usually try to engage the audience by introducing a participant who had a troubled past and is overcoming the obstacles to achieve his or her dreams. He understands everything and communicates through signs and expressions, but he can't speak.

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The reason I'm writing all this is because it is hard to review a film that touches you in such a personal way. Sign in to vote.

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