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Flirting masterclass with hottest actresses of the 70s, the loveliest tv actresses of the 1970s

She added a super-hero aspect to the show, shape-shifting into one creature or another and coming to the rescue. InPowers starred in a series called Feather and the Father Gang which lasted for 14 episodes.

She wanted to be the best wife and mother she could possibly be. In reality, she only played that role in the film, Batman: She stood out from the other angels and some fans felt that she simply didn't fit in.

18 Fabulous Actresses From The 70s Then And Now

Suzanne Somers Source Suzanne Somers's career began in the late s. She was unable to continue with the role due to contractual obligations.

Pamela Hensley Source Pamela Hensley career in television and movies began in the early '70s with roles on popular shows including Marcus Welby, M. A trendy, cosmopolitan presence in lightweight comedy, spirited adventure and spy intrigue, she appeared alongside some of Hollywood's most handsome male specimens.

Jaclyn Smith Source Jaclyn Smith originally aspired to be a famous ballerina, but her attention shifted to modeling when she appeared in a television ad for Breck Shampoo in She has performed in leading roles in a variety of films, ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to science fiction and action movies.

Jackson added directing and producing to her resume when she produced TV movies with her own production company, Shoot The Moon Enterprises.