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And you have to learn how to not just by putting makeup on but how else with your energy, and your personality, and your artistry, how you are going to help them find the confidence to become their brand.

And believe me, some of them are scared to death. Terri's overall aesthetic philosophy is to enhance women's natural beauty so that they can be the best version of themselves, rather than wearing a mask.

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Or wear some hot little sexy number? And it is a great washable accessory.

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You know, people tried to tell her she was never gonna get work with her mole, and then that turns out to be her signature. OK, so you were just at the Victoria Secret fashion showright?

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Please whoever you are just insert your name there…because this is so true. Terri approaches both hair and makeup with a sense of balance and harmony - literally one stroke of color or the placement of a strand of hair can both transform and contemporize an entire look.

When people notice your makeup before they notice how good you look, or how pretty you are, or how nice your skin is, then the makeup is the star.

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And we as women, this sounds cliche, but we need to be the stars of our own life. You know, we have this really cool thing about being women that we get to wear makeup.

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And so that is another key ingredient for every woman—for her beauty—we have to feel good, and feel confident. Look at your makeup! Her makeup is fresh and natural, which illuminates her clients' best assets instead of obscuring their faults. My point is simply that what we are comparing ourselves to is not reality.

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Are you gonna wear you favorite t-shirt and jeans today? She got told early on from modeling agents, and photographers that she was gonna have to get rid of that thing.

If we would focus a little bit more on that, we would feel so much better.

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