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Flirtini playlist live. Radio x playlist

In particular, the options may be common to all your instances on a page.

HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery

Even then, it will look like it removes the 3rd and 5th items from the original playlist before both commands executed.

This is because the remove 2 removes the 3rd item and then remove 3 removes the 4th item, which was the 5th item before the 3rd item was removed. Remember that event handlers are not really options. Optional playNow param to start it playing after adding it. The period of the slide-down animation when a new item is added.

True always shuffles the playlist. You can define all options, except for the cssSelectorAncestor and the repeat event handler, which are overridden by the jPlayerPlaylist code. Void Move to and play the next item in the playlist.

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And change it later if you want when changing the playlist through a user gesture. Boolean Removes the item from the playlist. False will un-shuffle if it was shuffled.

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A positive index removes items from the start of the playlist while a negative index removes items from the end. These options use jQuery animation timings, where the time is in milliseconds and also the strings 'slow' and 'fast' can be used.