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The early s saw shorter hemlines due to fabric rations, but the skirts returned to their longer lengths and fuller proportions post-war. Women showed off their midsections with tight waists, cinched belts, and peplum accents.

For this look, the actress was styled by celebrity stylist, Sanjana Batra. She paired it with a shimmery fringed skirt and an oversized jacket. Alba offers up a diaper cake from the Honest Co. As the founder of The Honest Company, Jessica brought with her a 'diaper cake', which featured nappies in playful patterns of anchors and dinosaurs.

Footwear made with rubber was considered a luxury due to limited supplies, which in turn led to wooden shoes, particularly wedges, and the ever-popular peep-toe design. What do you think of this glam look of Sonakshi? The year-old actress has kissed chubby days goodbye and has one of the fittest bodies in Bollywood.

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Fabric may have been limited, but the fashion of the s never faltered. The two posed for pictures before Jessica chatted about her most recent endeavor.

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