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Photos in which men were looking away from the camera and not smiling had the most success in getting messages from possible dates.

That advice seemed solid, as cell-phone and webcams take low-end photos. These presumably lower-quality photos were just as successful, if not more so, at reeling in date messages. Not if you're a guy. Even so, that six-pack has a short shelf life, the team says.

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But the new survey suggests with all other things equal, whether or not you show your face has no impact on the number of messages you receive. Guys with fit bodies did better at getting messages if they took their shirt off than if they left it on.

For instance, self-shot photos for women resulted in 8. A year-old woman showing her body received one fewer message than the equivalent 18 year-old, but an "older woman" showing no cleavage got 4 fewer messages compared with a young gal. In general, women get fewer new messages as they age.

It's pretty much essential. The female analogue of the ab shot is the cleavage shot. The dating site even encourages members to make sure people can "see your face" on the upload-photo page. The data didn't include the most and least attractive photos in order to just look at certain photo factors rather than the attractiveness of the person.

Always show your face. But he admits there is a selection bias, as the guys who bare their six-packs actually have them. And in fact women seem to be in the know, as they smile almost twice as often as men and make that flirty face four times as often.

Looking at just female photos, results showed the so-called MySpace shot, in which the gal holds her phone above her head and looks up with a coy face, was best hands down. A face-less picture could work to someone's advantage they found, as long as the member showed some image that was unusual, mysterious or otherwise alluring.