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The episode "The Son" shows Matt going through the five stages of grief as he comes to accept the death of his father, a man he claims to hate.

Julie looks for support first from her parents, and then from her old boyfriend Glasteller flirt Saracen, who is living in Chicago and attending art school. It was really a beautiful finale to everything. The police officers recognize Tim as "number 33" giving Tim no chance to deny that it's his chop shop.

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They sit back, crack open a beer, and Billy toasts, "Texas Forever? Meanwhile, Lyla Garrity undergoes significant changes.

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I had to do it. Inshe starred as Jenny Randall in Julie is engaged to Matt and lives with him in Chicago.

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Jess is living in Dallas, and helping to student coach a team and is following her dreams. We do every scene five ways, every time, and we shoot a lot of footage that doesn't make it into the episodes, so I'm really anxious to see how everything turns out.

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So I got to work with everyone a bit, and we had time to really say good-bye to each other. Which really sucks, because he was so, so nice.

She is known for the role of Jess Merriweather on the television series Friday Night Lights, as well as roles in the films Temptation: Shane Ross on Grey's Anatomy.

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But the real action was always just as much in the stands".