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Fristet irina flirter med joachim kroll, who can edit:

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AroundKroll went to Duisburg and found work as a toilet attendant for Mannesmann. Kroll was immediately arrested.

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Trial and death[ edit ] He admitted killing Marion Ketter and gave details of 13 other murders and one attempted murder over the previous two decades. Stephan Harbort, "Ich musste sie kaputtmachen".

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He died of a heart attack in in the prison of Rheinbach. Parts of her body were in the process of being simmered when Kroll was arrested. Slices of flesh were carved from her buttocks and thighs.

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Kroll, who was called "Uncle Joachim" by the neighborhood children who adored him, is one of the first known German cannibals and serial killers, eventually joined by infamous German murderers Armin Miewes and Volker Eckert.

Upon this report, the police went up to Kroll's apartment and found the body of the Ketter girl cut up: As a child, Kroll was smaller than his peers and frequently wet the bed.

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After getting away with murder for more than two decades, Kroll's revolting crimes were finally discovered when law enforcement found him cooking the remains of a young girl in his apartment.

At that time he resumed killing people. Crimes[ edit ] He began killing inafter his mother died.

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Shortly after his mother passed away inKroll, who was 22 at the time, committed his first known murder when he attacked Irmgard Strehl, 19, while the young woman was walking on a street in the village of Walstedde.

He confessed to the crime in after being hounded by his neighbors. In Aprilafter a day trial, he was convicted on all counts and was given life sentence.

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He hanged himself in jail. Afterward he would strip the body and have intercourse with it, often masturbating over it again. Upon returning home, he would have intercourse again with a rubber sex doll he had for this purpose.

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