Driving lower speeds in a high gear Driving lower speeds in a high gear

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My own process would be to slow down in gear. This way you save fuel and use the engine to brake. I tend to rev-match in scenarios like that too, but I've been doing it so long now I've no idea whether it's more economical not to give a little blip like that when changing down.

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Close cooperation with clients means that NGC is always in the position to offer the best value solutions to its customers. If you want to accelerate with any reasonable vigour then best practice is to change down, rather than just put your foot down harder - at low revs, anyway.

I'm not sure this is good for fuel though.

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A turbodiesel might pull happily from 2k revs in top gear, where in a naturally-aspirated petrol you might be better off changing down a gear.

Let's say, you driving in 4th gear, light turns red, what do you do? Various types of NGC gearboxes are globally implemented in rubber, tire, and plastic industries with features such as high efficiency, low noise, energy savings, and environmentally friendly technologies, constantly helping to mould wonderful products serving humanity.

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Go to Product Site General Machinery NGC has always been committed to its clients with top-quality and excellent service with its standard industrial gearboxes applied in metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering, building materials, hoisting, and food machinery.

So if you are driving towards a red light, downshift and what I do is let the clutch go up slowly becaus this helps braking too. Go to Product Site Material Processing NGC develops multiple new epoch-making products in cement equipment field as one of the leading gearbox manufacturers for cement processing equipment, playing an important role of industry field leader.