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So I started using natural cleaning products like Mrs Meyers and Method. I can connect to people in your life or that have crossed over but remain close to you.

Having something fun to listen to always makes doing chores better. Seems like you are only meeting women through your extended social circle and that's fine if it works for you but the "contrived bullshit" is what works when you are cold approaching which a lot of posters do here.

In addition to making new mom friends, maintaining them can be just as hard. In his coaching, Nick suggests being honest, embracing your true self, and being vulnerable as the beginning to a happier and more confident life. I still put my needs last most of the time or feel guilty if I choose attending a yoga class on Sunday morning over spending time with Aidan.

Weaning was tough, but there have been some perks. Sorry my kid approached him so quickly! His soon-to-be wife reads over most of his writing, and he welcomes her critiques and female perspective. My evenings and weekends are spent hanging out with my kid.

The "strong woman" garbage is indefensible on his part. What he's talking about isn't really social circle game, that will get guys friend zoned.

It's social circle game. Plus the weekends are my time to spend with Aidan. When we bought and moved into our house last summer, I suddenly had this urge to get better at keeping up with our household chores since the house we are in is OUR house, not a rental.

That could account for why I called, anyway,Sophie said.

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I was pushing Aidan in his stroller and walking Otis on his leash. Our small talk turned into a full on conversation. My self-care is still a work in progress.