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Geeks and nerds doesn't have a strict correlation, rather causality.

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek Book

Jan 25, Adelicia rated it it was amazing Recommended to Adelicia by: Zapmeta access denied The dating advice is what I would say girls guide to dating a geek download your "standard" dating advice, although framed for the "geek" audience who will get the 80 bajillion varied geekisms.

Geeks are secure The best part about dating a geek is that you need not be constantly wary of treading on insecurities and inflated egos. That drives me insane. Jul 27, Katelyn rated it it was ok lots of problems with sexism and being rude in general. In social situations, geeks tend to be introverted and defensive.

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As someone who has been dating a geek for the last five years, I have often read how-to articles and so forth online that are similar to the idea of this book -- good-naturedly teasing geeky guys and giving women tips for living with them.

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