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Page 1 of He was not technically considered as a child of a slave, his mother was Fulani. Our Rural Past, The figures have increased from just under 1. This originates from the citys name, Brummagem, which may in turn have been derived from one of the citys earlier names.

Family life is changing, and there are tensions between kinship ties and some contemporary social values.

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There is only one Wai Wai community in Guyana and it is located in the most southern region of the country known as Konashen. Medicine and Health Care The National Health Service, which was set up by an act of Parliament ingave every resident access to free medical care.

The nation's wealth was further underwritten by its position as the chief European colonial power, with captive markets and extensive sources of cheap labor and raw materials in Australasia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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Guyanese Hindus continue to observe holidays such as Phagwah also known outside the country as Holi burning of Holika and Diwali festival of lights among others while Muslims celebrate the holidays Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Assistance Board provides financial assistance to the poor.

The reason for this mass exodus were the highly oppressive policies of Forbes Burnham, former president and this was a short lived policy as the British government quickly closed the doors on open immigration from its Caribbean Territories.

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Africans were then set to work on the vast cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations in the Americas for the economic benefit of these colonial powers.