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June 2, Haier is a beautiful tv. By pressing menu buttonfive times, you will see the preset setup.

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Then some other info about the HMDI and finally the picture and sound. It only does it when I am watching the TV. I am glad it happened today and I can return it tomorrow. This includes the styrofoam and all adhesive tapeholding the TV accessories.

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The product has been poorly put together and no resolution. Luckily Costco started it. It is a great tv.

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Thank you for helping me. There is always a new hype on newer models that will do this or that but --really!!

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Last Channel Recall Button5. The whole TV was a mistake to buy. Takes anywhere from seconds to get the picture.

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This connection allows you to watch local channels and video programs, play orrecord on the VCR while watching TV. The pages here and here may shed additional insights.

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Do not use liquidcleaners or aerosol cleaners. Verified Hi and welcome to JustAnswer, Initially, re-confirm the model number and postback. This connection allows you to receive stereo broadcasts only and watchcable channels.

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