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In the first few episodes we see a few Unidentified Characters UC around in some of the scenes. I'm not including Ibuki and the other 2. By that time many ppl would have dropped the series already Special effects sounds were unimpressionable. About his hatred of magic, actually by the end I could think of a much better way to cure his magic-related probs rather than making him hate magic.

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O yea, and the ending parts were kinda confusing, I especially did not get what happened to Saya's dad in the end, he simply disappeared. It just felt as if it was another complication. Usually I enjoy magic genre shows but I skipped soem parts of ep7 as a result.

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But one problem is that the group of friends in the series are over-friendly with themselves, so the lack of conflict was rather dull as well. BGMs used were ok, but did not fully display the supposed emotions that were on screen.

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At times Jun's hair was shining when it wasn't supposed to. Colour was dull for some magic effects too, so some magic didn't really seem like magic.

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