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Besides, it was about time he found Charlotte once and for all and had it out with her about what had happened when he'd left London seven years ago. The characters had depth to them.

Flirting with Danger

John did go to India on his mission and has basically worked himself to death there. Just one phone call before he had left, one lousy phone call, and the bureaucrats would have had no authority to send him back for good.

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More to dig, more to find out. She'd done a great job of dropping off the map! Besides the fact that it was hard for me to imagine someone sexy and alluring with the name Astrid sounds like the hottest woman at the senior home Still, there had been many times late at night in that dismal office of his, when he'd looked out over the city and drifted back to the MI5 years.

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What, if this novel was told from Keri's point of view — entirely. Link to this page: The lesbians and their lives were realistic. Swirling around in his chair, he flung his feet up onto the window ledge and stared out at the city below him.

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Jane is the nurse for most of these characters, but she can't help St. I'm working on something else. John, not Jane, is the end point. Okay, so he should have made that phone call to the boss, and to Charlotte, before he'd left, rather than two days after, but his mind had only been on getting back before they got to Danny.

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Are you flirting with me? See also flirt with someone. How was he to know whether the woman was working with the Borelli's? So why, for Pete's sake, is she so trusting?