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Finnish off securely with a rolling hitch and two half hitches.

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The Jib Sheets Description: Adjust the tension on the long upper batten according to the prevailing sailing conditions See http: Introduce the clew-slug into the inboard end of the boom track and ease the boom forward.

Presumably, your mainsail was previously rolled up from the head to foot. This anchors the tack in place, against which, both the outhaul and main halyard are tensioned.

The mainsheet is dead-ended to the block that is connected to the bridle bridle block. Luff tension is adjusted with the Cunningham see next. Un-cleat the inboard end of the outhaul. If this is the case orient the sail along the centre line of the boat so that the clew end is aft and the tack end is forward.

This arrangement effectively locks the clew together with the jib sheet-ends. Have your assistant stand near the mast and hold the tack end of the foot.

It is critical that this knot is secure. Standing behind the transom, grasp the clew end and pull the foot taught. The rope is deadended or permanently secured to the gooseneck with a bowline. Continue raising the mainsail by hauling on the halyard while at the same time feeding the luff bolt rope into the mast track, tacking care not to snag the boltrope at the mast track entry point.

Alternatively you could use a Long Dee-shackle. The International uses a four-block centre mainsheet system. Rig the Cunningham Method: