How to fill the Cheque / Cash deposit Slip? How to fill the Cheque / Cash deposit Slip?

Hdfc bank deposit slip online dating, kindly note our bank account details or download deposit slip

After the merchant has checked his own account, he would then start processing your order.

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This eliminates the need for the little slips of paper. Because of this, people feel like depositing through them is a lot more convenient. Windows users may also visit the site https: This slip is a small kind of document given to a depositor.

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On clicking this link, the account summary for the last ten transactions is displayed containing details of the transaction like Date, Description, Earned Points and Redeemed Points. Then the teller gives the slip to the depositor as confirmation that the of the deposit.

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For instance, you may want to purchase something from an online shop. Corresponding to each account number, and point balance, a hyperlink 'Click here for last 10 transactions' is provided.

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Although quite old-fashioned, these slips are still very handy and beneficial. Here are the purposes of these small documents: Not for use by the general public. Default tab displayed is Loyalty Points.

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The most important purpose of this slip is to serve as proof. If the bank processes your transaction, your money would already go into the account on the slip. However, Blackberry users may please visit the site https:

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