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It also encourages you to try fruits and vegetables you might not go for normally — like these anti-inflammatory foods or brain foods — adding variety and different types of nutrients!

For lunch I have either a boiled egg or poached chicken and salad on a multigrain breadroll and for dinner I have a poached chicken and veggie stirfry or I make a healthy vegetable lasagne or something like that to have every night that week.

Plus, you get email access to a lot of them so that you can ask questions! Do things that are going to make success easier, not harder. I love using all types of beans to bulk up soups or meat dishes or add flavor to Tex-Mex dishes. Healthy food is hard to find. Here are a few techniques to keep your food fresh longer: Eggs are cheap, tasty and healthy.

Buy fruit and vegetables from a local market, preferably a farmers market.

Keep up with Mother Nature

How do I know? It does cost a bit upfront to purchase the growing materials, but as long as you plan ahead and plan on continuing to garden, it only takes one or two harvests to make your money back.

Did you know the leafy green tops of carrots contain more vitamin A than the orange roots? For example, cooked quinoa can be used for dinner as well as morning porridge. Take a look at your budget and if you are going to Starbucks 4 times a week, going out to dinner once a week and ordering in a couple of times a week, these are all things you could cut back on to save money for your food shopping.

Try to sit at the kitchen table so you can focus on eating Use a smaller plate Helps with portion control Will finish your entire plate and likely feel satisfied without overeating.

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Plus, you have complete control of what goes in them. But eating healthy on a budget can seem next to impossible.

Store Your Food to Last Produce and fresh food goes bad pretty quickly. Eat more vegetarian meals.