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Hermes again helped Heracles, who wanted to raise the Cerberus to earth.

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Like Heroes and Gods, we too should keep an eye on them and be aware of their moves. He gives the lyre to his brother, but asks in return the herd of heifers that has been stolen. And since Zeus did not punish Hermes for any of these acts, he learned very early in life that he could get away with outrageous behaviors.

One potentiality of the Hermes archetype is that he will remain an adolescent forever. He even proposes that the two of them should climb to the Olympus to solve the dispute with the intervention of their father Zeus.

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He may be straight or gay. Hermes, now an inventor, took the turtle out of its shell, fastened two reed pipes to it, and strung it with seven strings. Additionally, in order to calm him, Hermes plays improvised music with his lyre.

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A Hermes learns how to use words to fight his battles, and can strategize to get what he wants from the older brother or sister. Detail of the side B of an Attic red-figure belly-amphora, c.

Famous Tricksters in Greek Mythology

A Hermes man does not care about approval of others, unless he has Zeus or Apollo qualities. He was a patron of thieves. This myth was the background for initiates who no longer feared death.

For the people of ancient Greece, Hermes was the god of speech, eloquence, the inventor of letters and numbers.