Holley Holley In-Tank RetroFit Fuel Module-Returnless Style Holley Holley In-Tank RetroFit Fuel Module-Returnless Style

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Where a conventional pump, such as a high-flow Holley Ultra unit, has advantages is in a circle track situation where an alcohol carb is used. But, it will work for cruising about. One pressure port would get the pressure from the fuel pump, and the other pressure port would go to the fuel rail.

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Such an output means that each gallon the pump moves per hour supports 15 hp. At this point your jetting is back where it was with a float setup.

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In the automotive world many of these advancements were figured out initially by the OEs and later trickled down to the aftermarket. A belt-driven fuel pump for an alcohol carb, such as this Bo Laws unit, is well thought of by many professional Holley carb specialists.

Originally Posted by FastKat Yea, I thought about that, but I would really like to avoid trying to tap the fuel rail for a return.

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Now the Caprice fires up just like a new car and runs silky smooth. These pumps are expensive, and many are intended primarily for alcohol fuel-injection systems.

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Under these conditions, the pump runs hotter and the fuel heats up. Also, to better control the float motion during high-g vertical motion, a stronger bumper spring is often a help.

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This is an area that can vary wildly in price depending on how you want to tackle it. This can cause the float to shut off the needle a little earlier than normal.