Los Simpson Homero VS Patty y Selma Español Latino - Video Dailymotion Los Simpson Homero VS Patty y Selma Español Latino - Video Dailymotion

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Meet Hispanic or Latino singles near you! Burns is impressed by the name and compliments Max, who decides to shop at Costington's to further improve his image.

That night at home, Marge is happy that Max has changed his name back to Homer Simpson. Homer is excited knowing that a cool guy on TV is named "like his name" and that his "personality has been captured perfectly". Our system makes partner suggestions based on three key compatibility factors: If she does not like it, she can change it to "Busty St.

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The family is surprised to learn of his name-change, but "Max" starts speaking of his new personality — dynamic, decisive, uncompromising and rude, which is pointed out as being exactly like his old personality but faster. To escape from all the humiliation, he tries hiding in the attic.

At work, all his colleagues prepare to watch him do something stupid and he does not disappoint, by spilling a fondue pot all over the control panel, shorting out the circuitry, and blacking out Albany. Homer unwittingly and unwillingly obliges, as he throws back his scarf over his shoulder right into the blades of the overhead fan and gets whirled around the room, much to the amusement of the onlookers.

Ringtone Simpson Homer Latino from category "Latin tones" you can get with a few ways: After getting a satisfactory response, he steps into a cactus on his way out.

However, as he runs round and round the tree, the chain around him starts cutting into the tree and finally, the huge redwood falls, knocking down the other redwoods. Moe laughs at his pain wittingly.