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Hook up ide hard drive, add your answer

JP1 is a power connector. The problem was, whenever I would have the jumpers set correctly it would boot up and say Error running OS. It isn't in their online catalog and you have to just email them in order to buy the part.

Any instruction would be great.

How would I hook up a standard IDE hard drive to a laptop?

That is sort of the point Any ideas how I can fix this? Just put your ide as master.

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Sata run on their own little cables I access the Bios and it dosnt even recognize it anymore. Unfortunately, it says that it is an engineering sample.

I have already checked the cables and they were fine. Having it this way reduces the contention on the busses, as HD's talk a lot more than the CD's do!

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Some things are not labeled. If the adaptor won't fit properly into your device, you can get a CF extender. The resistor and the capacitor can both be omitted and it will still work.

My ide harddrive is on its own cable and it registers just fine. So, I can have 3 devices talking at the same time. My guess is that the CDRom is still there, but it now has a different drive letter - probably E: General performace probably would be better with the disks on the same bus.

Oh, just as a tip, i dont thin you have to touch the jumpers on the satas.