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How to hook up a brake line lock, sponsorships

You use a line locker in order to do two things. Test the tractor protection valve with air pressure at about 90 lbs.

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Rotate the glad hand attached to the hose to join and lock the couplers. Watch my drag racing movies on YouTube.

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Next is the difficult Part, Thread the line lock into the Proportioning Valve and and measure where to drill the holes for the Bolts that will hold the solenoid to the Fenderwell, sometimes the line might not line up with the PV so I loosened the bolt holding the PV so I could have some play to line up the PV with the LL.

To test the tractor protection valve using a different method, charge the trailer air lines by pushing in the red tractor protection valve control knob. Next Grab the Fused side of the Harness for the LL, remove this bolt on the fuse box and place the ring terminal onto the stud, then retighten up the bolt, attach the other end of the lead to one of the Prongs on the Solenoid For smokey tire burnouts!

Key the car on, flip the switch, if everything works you should hear a small click from the Line Locks Solenoid If you look down at the brake master cylinder you will see there are two outputs.

The one closest to the firewall that I mentioned above. Once the Wire is pulled, Plug it into the second prong on the actual Line Lock.