How To Hook Up Subs And Amp Easy Layout mp3 şarkı indir How To Hook Up Subs And Amp Easy Layout mp3 şarkı indir

How to hook up a car amp and subs in your house, video on this topic

How to hook a car amp up to your PC

If you do two or more connectors on a particular bunch, your not gaining much because the charge will still have to go through the single wires that come out of the PSU, which is what you're trying to avoid in the first place.

I may have missed it somewhere.

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If not, yeah I would grab a 4 channel line output converter and use two separate RCA cables — one run the front channel and another to the sub channel.

Or do you prefer I try to purchase maybe a more up to date amp for my optimal set up. Connect them to The Amp. Annie January 13, at 4: If so, what LOC would you recommend? Tuck your blouse in to neaten up your outfit and add heels when heading out for after-office drinks. Rob G February 4, at Also, the watt amp has watts rms x 1 channel 4 ohms bridgedand my sub is 4 ohms, watts rms watts max.

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And while feeding the amp output back to speakers n subs we connect speaker wires to each speaker leads, so whats the difference between amp input signal n amp output signal, its confusing me as for eg. My question is if my oem amp is filtering out my signal to my 4 channel amp is it then best to tap the wires previous to the oem amp to achieve a better sound?.

Danny June 29, at 9: