would this be how i hook up a relay to run a fan? | Electronics Forums would this be how i hook up a relay to run a fan? | Electronics Forums

How to hook up a relay for electric fan, your answer

This also assumes that the propane stat is off. Wiring examples and instructions with video and tutorials. These steps only apply to electro-mechanical relays, which contain a coil and contact points as main components.

How To Wire Cooling Fans, Headlights, Fuel Pumps & Voltmeters – Custom Wiring You Can Do

Taking your ground wire and wire nutting those together. For added safety, take the key out of the ignition and set it either on the dash, or in the center console if equipped. Where a single relay might get hot and burn out over a period of time, the second relay is cheap insurance.

The Vision Pro stat has way too many options, so you might get lost configuring. For this application, splice and ground both 85 terminals. Mount the relay as close to the battery as practical, and install a fusible link two wire-gauge sizes smaller than the high-amp power feed fire.

Compare the replacement cooling fan relay to the one being removed.

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Most electrical ground wires are marked with a green coating and then in your 12 2 wire, it's just a solid copper. Tip You can buy a vehicle service manual for your particular car at most auto parts stores or consult one for free at most public libraries. Link to a credible and well-known source.

Long lengths of heavy-gauge wire cause a substantial voltage drop; a shorter wire between the battery and the fan reduces this drop and improves performance; 2.

In this case, a red LED, powered by the battery. Plug the electrical connector into the replacement cooling fan relay and reinstall it back into place.

At this point, check to be sure the ignition key is in the off position. Refer to the data sheet of your specific relay to make sure it's hooked up correctly - it's not always such that these labels - NO, NC and COM for Common are written on the relay itself.

Gently pinch the relay with your fingers and wiggle back and forth, all while also pulling up on the relay.